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WOFH provides the right tools for fitness professionals to go online and monetize their community with a subscription-based business model.

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Today, trainers need several tools to build their virtual gym. WOFH brings it all together
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Scheduling and Calendar

WOFH allows you to publish classes on your public calendar and lets your customers easily subscribe to classes and book lessons. Classes will be featured on your profile page, giving them extra exposure.

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Zoom Integration

You can use your Zoom account along with WOFH. Each class will be given a specific link accessible only to your subscribers.

E-mail and Reminders

Automatically send a confirmation email to your clients after they have booked a class, along with a reminder email before the class with all the information they need, like the date, time, and Zoom link.

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Single and Recurring Classes

WOFH gives you the ability to create single classes or manage recurring events where you can decide the timetable.

Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Memberships

Flexibility is key, and our business model gives you maximum freedom. Your clients can easily subscribe to your services weekly, monthly, or annually according to your needs. This will skyrocket your business.

Manage Free Trial and Coupons

Offering promotions is a great way to make your business known, and free trials will ease new customers into trying your classes and committing to your plans. You can decide the length of your trial period and create new promotions to increase your customer base.

Manage Your Clients

From your admin panel, you can add or delete customers manually, edit information and track all your database with profiles for each of your customers, including booking history.

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Custom Website

You can easily increase your online presence with an outstanding landing page, where you can keep your customers updated, publish your calendar, plan upcoming classes, collect payments and much more.

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Fast Checkout

Customers will book classes, subscribe to your package and send your payments with just a few clicks. With WOFH, you can manage all your bookings and all your payments in a single place.

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24/7 Support

We’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re at the initial setup stage or ready to scale up your business, if you have any questions at all, you can reach us at anytime using our chat.

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Analytics Dashboard

We made analytics simple and easy to use, as they help you keep track of your business’ most important metrics without stress. WOFH features an intuitive and easy-to-access dashboard showing the most important metrics, such as customer growth, classes attendance, and busiest time slots.

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Multi Instructors

If you work alongside other instructors, they can be added as collaborators to easily be associated with the classes that they lead.

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Add Your Logo, Colors and Domain Name

Take your practice to the next level by personalizing your landing page with your logo, your colors and your domain name to give your website character. Match your website with your vision and your outlook in life.

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Automatic Invoice

We take care of the admin tasks and give them the tender-loving-care they deserve, including sending invoices to your members automatically: that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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