Build your own online gym

WOFH gives yogis, pilates teachers, fitness instructors, and dance professionals the chance to go virtual. WOFH is the first ever management software for online-only fitness studio classes.

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Get Your Website

Get your website in a few clicks, attract new customers and increase your online presence with an outstanding website.

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Publish Classes

Publish your classes on an online calendar to let your clients subscribe to your classes, and book lessons on your website.

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Get Paid

Earn with recurring revenues or one-time payments, while adding weekly, monthly, or annual subscription packages in just minutes.

Go virtual with a personalized online page

With just a few clicks you will have a personal website where you can publish your calendar, collect payments, and grow your business.

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Add your personal logo, upload images, or change the palette to reflect your style and mood.

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Stand out from the crowd to attract clients, while offering them incredible benefits with your services.

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Effortless booking across all your customers’ devices.

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Accept and manage payments from your clients

With WOFH you can create as many passes or memberships as you need, all personalized for the different classes you offer.

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Create memberships for customers and accept recurring payments.

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Extend valuable discounts through promotional campaigns.

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Automatically send professional invoices to your clients

Manage and publish your schedule

Thanks to WOFH, our trainers can spend their precious time doing exactly what they love: training clients. With WOFH trainers can:

schedule classes

Schedule classes quickly and easily.


Send automated reminders via email before classes begin.


Track bookings and revenues with detailed analyses.

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How much money can I make?

Using WOFH is free. We only make money when you do. We only get a commission when you start getting paid from your customers.

Estimate what you could earn using WOFH

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Run virtual live classes and sync appointments with Zoom

  • Sync all of your classes with Zoom

    Each new lesson will be automatically synced with Zoom. It’s quick and easy to connect your account to Zoom, making video calls totally hassle-free.

  • Automate Zoom links to save time

    Each class will be given a unique link accessible only to your subscribers. Say goodbye to wasting time sending links to your students.

Manage your online gym and do just what you love

  • Track your revenues

    Easily manage all your online activities from your dashboard. Check for new subscribers, set up lessons, or track your revenues

  • Manage your class schedule

    Use the calendar to schedule your lessons with incredible ease. Each lesson will be automatically published on your website where your students can effortlessly register.

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Our customers are lovin' it

Our mission is to give each fitness professional the opportunity to set up their own virtual gym with just one click.
Trainer online gymWOFH reviews 1
“I consider myself very lucky for having found WOFH. It's easy to use and looks very professional. I love working with WOFH!”
Elena Marshall
Yoga Teacher - Australia
Yoga online gymWOFH reviews 2
“WOFH arrived at a point in 2020 when I needed an all in one solution to manage my new online wellbeing platform. They helped to make everything seamless and now I can’t imagine running my business without them”
360 Mind Body Soul
Yoga Teacher - United Kingdom
Trainer online gymWOFH reviews 3
“Great platform and very versatile! User friendly, this app allows me to connect with my clients efficiently. I would highly recommend it! Thank you WOFH!”
3D Fitness
Fitness Trainer - United Kingdom
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Empowering independent trainers everywhere

We help every kind of trainer move their business online, by giving them all the right tools to build their virtual
gym – for free.

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